1. Slow Drip

From the recording Open Your Third Eye EP

Featuring Kasper Korleone


I've been sniffin' cocaine, sippin' champagne
Poppin' acid tabs, been flying on a plane
I've been getting high every day
Trippin', rollin', snorting, smoking
Baby, what can I say?
I just need some peace of mind
I just need a little more time
Clarity is all I seek, so please God set me free
I don't care what you think of me
I'll play my songs 'til the day I die
That rock and roll hippie soul
Faded out in the blues
Outer space when I'm high
That slow drip, that slow drip
Faded on a white line, California weed
That velvet white snow, that's how it goes

That slow drip, that slow drip
That slow drip, that slow drip
That slow drip, that slow drip
That slow drip

Slow drip, I'm staring at the glowstick
All these colors in my mind coexist
Hold this, roll that, I got two more packs
Needed five up front I put up two more stacks
Know who grew all that, I'm in the garden of Eden
With this indica rolled
Let it spark while I'm chiefin'
Threw me off in the precinct
Told me contact my lawyer
So they could send me off to court like a Georgetown Hoya
Cute chick named Joya
We just met for a minute
But I'm already thinking of what it's like to be in it
Puffin La, gettin' high 'cause the sky is the limit
See I ride 'til I die, stay fly till I'm finished
Cloud surf off the psilocybin
Chill I'm vibin'
Pictures off in the collage, all collidin'
Better late than never see it's perfect timing
Hit the peak but I reach
Still I'm climbing, gone